Shore Fishing

Shore fishing is a cheap and effective way to go sea fishing in the UK, You can go pier fishing, beach fishing and rock fishing. The beauty of shore fishing is alot of UK sea fish tend to swim close to the shore line. You can catch most sea fish from the shore that you can catch from a boat.

Its inexpensive to get started as a basic shore set up is likely to cost in the region of £80 all in. A good way to find shore fishing marks is to walk around the coast at low tide to see the banks, holes, rocks and even wrecks.

Places such as cornwall have some exccellent rock fishing marks which usually produce bags of fish. Fishing from piers is ideal if you are new to fishing or even an expert as you can fish in the deep water.

Shore fishing in the UK can offer loads of diffrent sea fish species, A few Sea fishing species listed below:

Found all over the UK but more common along the south coast, usually in the summer months
Commonly found near moored boats in shallow water and very common to see them clost to the surface and even feeding on the surface. You can catch mullet with size 4 - 6 small hooks, using bread as bait and a float with a short trace.

  • What you need etc landin net, mobile, knife, tripod, warm clothing, tripod, tent, scales
  • How to get started
  • Finding fishing spots
  • Legal
  • What fish from beach
  • Baits
  • fishing rods and reels
  • Pier fishing
  • Beach fishing
  • rock fishing hopping
  • cast nets
  • beach seines

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