How to Catch mackerel

A beginners guide to mackerel fishing

Mackerel are a highly abundant species in the waters surrounding great Britain, They are generally a summer species and can be spotted by birds feeding above them, and splashing on the surface.

Mackerel fishing methods

Mackerel can be caught using:

Mackerel feathers the most common method used in strings of up to 6 hooks or more if wanted and jigged up and down at various heights to hook fish. Its not uncommon for all hooks to be filled.

Float with 5 - 20 ft of line depending on depth using a huge variety of baits including mackerel fillets!

Spinners the most effective spinner are dexter wedges using a light outfit can be great fun!

Bottom fishing with again a variety of baits and maybe attractants

Mackerel fishing locations

Mackerel can generally be found around rocky areas, piers, walls, cliffs, wrecks and pretty much everywhere, They can be spotted by birds feeding above them or by seeing them on the surface feeding on whitebait or being chased by larger predators usually bass !

I have caught mackerel 60 miles offshore and 10 yards out on the beach using mackerel feathers, spinners and bait fishing. Once you find an area where they are common you can generally catch them around that area most of the time

Mackerel fishing season

The mackerel fishing season is generally best in peak summer, the season can run from march through to September/October but its not uncommon depending on the area for mackerel being caught as late as November.

Generally they can be found easier offshore at the start and end of the season.

Using mackerel for bait

Fresh ideally or frozen mackerel may a cracking bait for a huge variety of fish but especially bass. If frozen it can be used in strips or as a flapper bait for big fish such as conger.

Live mackerel on a treble hook just knicked through the nostril with one hook are an absolutely incredible bait for large bass on a running ledger drifting with a 3 oz weight.

Eating mackerel

Mackerel are a delicious fish to eat raw ( Yes raw! The fresher the better) or cooked in a pan or the oven with a little butter and seasoning.

Mackerel fishing hints and tips

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