Fishing Rigs

Sea fishing rigs can be purchased or made at home, There is not much to making fishing rigs as long as the knots are tied correctly. On the plus side sea fishing rigs for sale in tackle shops can cost between £1 and £6 depending on the rig and tackleshop. The internet is a great place to buy ready made rigs at cheap prices although sometimes the quality leaves a little to be desired.

Their are plenty of websites to buy rig making essentials in bulk such as.

  • Swivels
  • Hooks
  • Beads
  • Monafilament line
  • Lead weights
  • Floats
  • Spinners
  • Wire traces
We have listed most sea diy fishing rigs and how to make them so you can save money.

Shore and boat fishing rigs

  • Float fishing rig - This is a reasonably simple setup comprising of a float or bobber with a length of line, depending on the depth you are fishing in. A shot weight and another length of line running down to a hook, sea float fishing can be deadly when used with baits such as sandeel.
  • 1 up 1 down - One hook fishes on the sea bed, whilst the other fishes above it, hopefully just above the sea bed.
  • 3 Hook Flapper rig - The bonus of using this rig is that you are fishing with three baits. The disadvantage is that it is not ideal for casting at distance, due to the baits being put under pressure when casting.
  • 3 Hook Clip Down rig - Similar to the three hook flapper but with the bonus of being able to cast without ruining your bait.
  • Wishbone rig - A wisbone rig is designed to hold two baits next to each other, increasing the scent. Although not ideal for casting.
  • Pennel rig
  • Wishbone clip down rig - A rig designed to be cast distances, complete with 2 hooks to help you hook the fish. These hooks clip onto a device designed to keep your bait intact when casting, but also to release the hook and bait on impact to the water.
  • Long Range one hook rig - Identical to a wishbone rig but with just one hook.
  • Pulley Rig - The pulley rig is designed keep you from loosing a fish, to snags on the bottom.
  • The Bomber rig - The bomber rig can be used with 2 hooks using the clip to hold your hooks while casting.

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