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Welcome fishermen, fisherwomen and fishing whipper snappers to UKSeafisherman.com - A complete guide for the UK sea angler, Sea fishing at its best.

I started fishing before I could ride a bike and am still learning now. Fishing in sunny England can result in tears or triumph!! Everyone has there own "methods" "secrets" and "issues" we hope we can unveil them and help you to make your fishing trips even more blinding!!

I am from the south of england but have fished all over the UK, searching for the monster fish :) I made this website so people who go fishing have a place to find all the information you could ever need when sea fishing.

Whether you fish from a boat, beach or pier we have something for you. We have compiled a list of marks around the UK and Ireland to help you make those lifechanging decisions on where to fish.

We have fishing information on:

  • Fishing knots
  • The best fishing baits to use
  • Secret fishing tips and hints
  • Bait traps and nets
  • Using tide to your advantage
  • Fishing banks and wrecks
  • Spear fishing in the UK
  • Sea fly fishing
  • Finding a fishing buddy in your area
  • Charter fishing boats
  • Buying a boat
  • Sea fish recipes
  • Fishing tackle, fishing rods and fishing reels
  • Fishing classifieds
  • Sea fishing forum community
  • Fishing holidays
  • Fishing and fish pictures
  • Kayak Fishing
  • Fishing videos
  • Fish species
  • Fish size limits
  • Collecting your own fishing bait
  • How to catch cod
  • How to catch mackerel
  • How to catch conger

I also made this website "dare I say it" to join pleasure fisherman and commercial fisherman together. I have decided to do this for two reasons. I believe if we are going to save fishing for future generations we HAVE TO ensure we catch our fish sustainably and only take what we need.

Secondly I have joined us together to protect UK commercial fisherman, you may be wondering why, but a fisherman is seen as scum of the earth in some peoples eyes. The blame for fish stocks is pointed in their direction. If I didnt know more about it, I would probably think the same. The truth however is the decline in fish stocks is down to:

The source of your arregate i.e shingle, gravel, sand. A dredger drags two tubes a metre round each and sucks on the seabed like a vaccum cleaner from hell. The dredger does this every day and there are way over 500 boats operating in the UK. I worked for a research vessel for a while and we had to conduct a survey to see if the dredger damaged the bottom, when we found it did we were asked to destroy that report and try again until we got a report that said it didn't.

Foriegn fishing vessels that have a "quota" but never stick to it.

Poachers & Illegal fisherman, I have and do work on a fishing boat and the amount of boats we see targeting a species heavily on rod and line and laying illegal nets. They will then go on to sell the catch to joe bloggs, restaurants, chippys...

The rubbish left on beaches..... By the general public

Pollution all the sewerage that gets pumped in to the water by your one and only local council.

Fish farm food!! All the bycatch/un-sellable fish is turned in to pellets to be fed to farmed fish.

I am sure some of you are still not sold and I will admit some boats dont stick to the rules but unfortunately all fisherman are assumed equal.

Anyway I hope you find ukseafisherman.com usefull and wish you the best of luck on future fishing trips.

Tight lines!!

2011 Sea fishing is going to be a good year I can feel it in my fishy bones, I'm looking forward to the mackerel arriving so i can take advantage of stocking up my bait freezer as it is almost empty, I wish every one the best of luck whether you a beginner or an expert have an excellent years sea fishing.

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In order to help UKSeafisherman to grow we need your help. Please send us your latest sea fishing catch reports, fishing tackle reviews, hints and tips, pictures and videos. Each month we will be giving away some fishing tackle to a winner selected at random who submitted their latest sea fishing catch reports, fishing tackle reviews, fishing hints and fishing tips, fishing pictures and fishing videos.

To be in with a chance of winning please submit your post before the 23rd of each month on Uk Sea Fishing reports, tackle & pictures

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You can find all you need to know, who to book and how to book a charter fishing boat on our charter fishing boat page

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